The Alford Group Webinar Series

Below you will find full recordings, PDFs of the slide decks, and all tools mentioned during our webinars.


Webinar #1

Breaking Through and Standing Out: Communication for Strategic Differentiation Presented by Cassandra Di Prizio and Doug Diefenbach

Slide Deck: The Alford Group – Breaking Through and Standing Out Presentation Deck

Full Recording:

Webinar #2

How Healthy is Your Fundraising Program? 5 Temperature Checks to Find Out           Presented by Mary Hackett and Wendy Hatch

Slide Deck: How Healthy is Your Fundraising Program – 5 Temperature Checks

One-Page Checklist: Fundraising Analytics Checklist

Full Recording:

Webinar #3

Getting the Most from Your Board: It’s a Two-Way Street                                                             Presented by Molly Hansen and Laura Edman

Slide Deck: The Alford Group – How to Get the Most from Your Board August 11 2016

Simple Commitment Pledge

Board Toolkit

Full Recording:

Webinar #4

Performing Surgery on Your Annual Giving Program: Six Elements of Success                                 Presented by JoAnn Yoshimoto and Amy Hines

Slide Deck: Performing Surgery on Your Annual Giving Program – The Alford Group

Full Recording:

Webinar #5

Beyond Gold, Silver, and Bronze: Creating Meaningful Partnerships with Corporations Presented by Diane Knoepke

Side Deck: The Alford Group – Beyond Gold Silver Bronze September 8 2016

Flow Chart: Corporate Social Innovation Flow Chart

Full Recording:

Webinar #6

How Philanthropists are Making Transformational Gifts                                                              Presented by Brenda B. Asare and Karen Rotko-Wynn 

Slide Deck: webinar-slides

Full Recording:


Webinar #7

Bleeding Hearts and Minds: New research into how nonprofit employees make job choices Presented by Diane Knoepke

Slide Deck: The Alford Group – Bleeding Hearts and Minds

Research Report: Bleeding Hearts and Minds Full Research Report

Full Recording: