The Alford Group Webinar Series

We have concluded The Alford Group Webinar Series, designed to explore bold strategies to advance philanthropy. Below you will find full recordings, PDFs of the slide decks, and all tools mentioned during the webinars.


Webinar #1

Breaking Through and Standing Out: Communication for Strategic Differentiation Presented by Cassandra Di Prizio and Doug Diefenbach

Slide Deck: The Alford Group – Breaking Through and Standing Out Presentation Deck

Full Recording:

Webinar #2

How Healthy is Your Fundraising Program? 5 Temperature Checks to Find Out           Presented by Mary Hackett and Wendy Hatch

Slide Deck: How Healthy is Your Fundraising Program – 5 Temperature Checks

One-Page Checklist: Fundraising Analytics Checklist

Full Recording:

Webinar #3

Getting the Most from Your Board: It’s a Two-Way Street                                                             Presented by Molly Hansen and Laura Edman

Slide Deck: The Alford Group – How to Get the Most from Your Board August 11 2016

Simple Commitment Pledge

Board Toolkit

Full Recording:

Webinar #4

Performing Surgery on Your Annual Giving Program: Six Elements of Success                                 Presented by JoAnn Yoshimoto and Amy Hines

Slide Deck: Performing Surgery on Your Annual Giving Program – The Alford Group

Full Recording:

Webinar #5

Beyond Gold, Silver, and Bronze: Creating Meaningful Partnerships with Corporations Presented by Diane Knoepke

Side Deck: The Alford Group – Beyond Gold Silver Bronze September 8 2016

Flow Chart: Corporate Social Innovation Flow Chart

Full Recording:

Webinar #6

How Philanthropists are Making Transformational Gifts                                                              Presented by Brenda B. Asare and Karen Rotko-Wynn 

Slide Deck: webinar-slides

Full Recording: