Know Where You Are So You Can Plan Where You’re Going

Assessments and data analytics provide the foundation from which to plan future programming and philanthropic activities, or to revamp, revitalize or restructure your organization. Any sort of planning requires that you know what your current circumstances are, whether it’s a review of your current internal activities and programs, or a comparison of your activities to comparable organizations in the industry.

At The Alford Group, we approach assessments as an opportunity to move your organization forward. Our assessments result in actionable recommendations to enhance your business practices, raise more funds, or start a new program. We offer many types of assessment and analytics, including:

  • Donor Data Analytics – a 360º view of how your donors engage with your organization, including historic trends and gaps in giving relevant to fundraising strategy and implementation. Map your donor journey – how donors are acquired, how long they stay, when they peak, how and when they increase to major giving, and more.
  • Development Assessment – assessment of resource development activities, staff and infrastructure.
  • Governance Analysis – assessment of your board’s capacity, structure, recruitment, orientation, governance and term limits.
  • Organizational Assessment – assessment of current mission, vision, organizational culture, governance, programs and services, human resources and staffing, facilities and technology, financial management, funding and fund development, and/or marketing and communications.
  • Philanthropic Market Assessment – conducted to determine whether the market will support a capital campaign or to analyze the interplay between the internal development function and the external perceptions of your organization; exploration of the impact of any number of factors on the advancement/development function.
  • Surveys – assessment of insight and perspectives from internal and/or external stakeholders regarding perceptions of the organization currently or its plans for the future.
  • Benchmarking – assessment of best practices, strengths, areas of opportunity internally and for partnership, and potential threats relative to similar organizations in the industry.