Strategic Partners

As a firm, we focus on how we can best use our strengths to empower our clients. At the same time, we realize that other companies and organizations offer complementary services that supplement and support our work and further strengthen our clients. Our Strategic Partnerships meet specific client needs that fall outside of our firm’s traditional consulting practice. The following vendors bring premier services to the table for our clients.

The Giving Institute

Since 1935, The Giving Institute has been providing intelligent leadership that has empowered the not-for-profit sector. The Giving Institute:

  • Enhances professionalism in the not-for-profit sector,
  • Educates and engages members in the ethical delivery of counsel and related services to nonprofits through research, advocacy, and best practices, and
  • Provides shared experiences for executives of member firms who can become leaders in philanthropy.

The Alford Group has been a member of The Giving Institute since 1995 and adheres to the high ethical standards set by the Institute.

Science of Philanthropy Initiative

The Science of Philanthropy Initiative (SPI) is a research and outreach project that utilizes rigorous quantitative methods and partnerships with the philanthropic community to explore the motivations behind charitable giving. Funded by a grant from The John Templeton Foundation, the overarching goal of SPI is to develop a deeper understanding of the types of social preferences that shape philanthropic giving and to apply this knowledge to both practitioners and policymakers interested in philanthropy and the private provision of public goods.

Bidwell Advisors

Dennis Bidwell formed Bidwell Advisors in 2001 to concentrate on the growing field of real estate gifts. The firm helps not-for-profits of all types and sizes around the country attract, structure, evaluate and dispose of charitable gifts of real estate. Bidwell Advisors helps development departments improve their capacity to handle real estate gifts. Many not-for-profits have also chosen to retain Bidwell Advisors to assist with specific real estate gift situations as they emerge.