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Maximizing Organizational Potential

No one understands the opportunities and challenges that an organization encounters better than its leadership. The executives and volunteer leaders who live the mission of a not-for-profit or foundation on a daily basis see firsthand where things work well and where things could improve.

That’s why The Alford Group’s Strategy and Management consulting services encourage the participation of each client’s leadership. Our collaborative approach ensures that the people responsible for an organization’s success play a key role in assessing current operations and developing recommendations for enhancement. We study the environmental context and conduct extensive interviews at all levels of the client’s organization. As we gain understanding of key issues and constraints, our consultants incorporate their knowledge from the overall philanthropic sector. The result is a customized solution that adapts best practices from across the sector to the unique circumstances of each client.

Our processes also give organizational leaders a deeper understanding of the solutions we recommend and how to deploy them. From fundraising to strategic planning to corporate impact strategies and professional development, we deliver a detailed roadmap, including measurable milestones and clearly designated responsibilities, to move your organization forward.

At The Alford Group, our mission is strengthening the not-for-profit community. We fulfill our mission by helping you achieve your mission.  We empower you to recognize and overcome the strategic and management hurdles that hold you back and leverage your innate strengths in order to do so. Over the past 34 years, we have assisted more than 3,000 philanthropic organizations.  Read our case study of YWCA USA to learn how we developed a transformational process for leadership to assess and then restructure the organization for future success.

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